Paid Surveys for Indian

Paid Surveys in India

I have received a number of queries from my visitors asking about opportunities regarding paid surveys in India. Frankly speaking there are not many paid surveys available for Indian consumers. There are only a few survey panels that operate in India. However, if you do a Google search then you will find plenty of sites that charge money to provide survey panels. Most of them are nothing but scam.

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You should never pay to join any paid survey panel and avoid any site that asks for money to provide a list of survey panels in India. If you remember millions of people have already lost their hard earned money to a company that was even advertising in IPL last year.

But all is not lost. Currently there are 2 survey panels that are looking for new members in India:

paid surveys India

Valued Opinions survey panel is expanding in India and they are looking for new members in India. Click here to join Valued Opinions India survey panel and get paid for sharing your opinions. It is a double opt in survey panel so you need to confirm your email id and take your first survey to complete the registration process. It is free to join and participation in online paid surveys is voluntary. Join valued opinion India panel and take surveys for money.

Opinion World India: Opinion World India survey panel is currently looking for female members in India. If you are a female and living in India you can join Opinion World India survey panel and earn some extra cash answering online surveys.Don’t forget to confirm your email id!

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