Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs: Scam or Legit?

Recently a lot of companies have started promoting market research surveys as online survey jobs. But the truth is that online surveys are a mean to share opinions and get consumers feedback about the products and services they use. Frankly speaking online paid surveys are not jobs and nobody should do them like that.

Now coming to the point whether it is possible to make some extra cash taking paid surveys or not? I would say if you are looking to earn some extra cash each month ($200-300) then you should join some legitimate survey panels, share your honest opinions in surveys that you participate and get paid for it. However, if you are looking it as “online survey jobs” then probably it is not for you.

We highly suggest to stay away from companies that promote these kind of online survey jobs and charge money (some ask for $49) to provide a list of survey panels. Why the hell anyone needs to pay for these survey list? These are available free all over the net. All the legitimate market research companies are free to join and they never ask for money to be paid or your credit card details. So just stay away from these companies and don’t get scammed!

Paid surveys are a great way to make easy money online so do join some survey panels, answer surveys and get paid for sharing your honest opinions.

So what are the best surveys that one should join? We will share a list of free and legitimate survey panels in the next post so that you can join free and take surveys for money. Until then bye and be happy.

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