Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

Are you a college students and looking for online jobs? In this post we evaluate and share some online jobs that are free and legitimate. There are plenty of scams around online jobs. So stay away from them. Getting a few hundred extra dollars doing online jobs is not bad. All you need to do is find and join some legitimate sites that provide online jobs for college students. If you are a teen then check our page: online jobs for teenagers.

How to find if an online job for college students is scam or legitimate?

If the site is asking for money to join or provide training then this is definitely scam. All the legitimate online jobs site do not ask for money, instead they pay you.

How much I can earn doing online jobs for college students?

Do not expect to get super rich. But you can definitely earn a few hundred dollars extra per month if you are from US, UK, Canada or Australia.

What are the some legit online jobs for college students?

Some of the online jobs that college students can take are:

  1. Article Writing
  2. Paid Surveys (easy and free)
  3. Computer Programming Jobs, if you are a computer science student
  4. Online Tutoring Jobs
  5. Freelancing

Where to start?

I would suggest students to join some survey panels first because these are free and easy to start.

What are the best paid survey sites for students?

I would suggest to check the below pages based on your country:

  • Online Jobs for US students
  • Online Jobs for UK students
  • Online Jobs for Canada students

What is DOI?

DOI stands for double opt in. Most of the survey panels are DOI, that means you have to click on the confirmation link sent to your email after registration. If you don’t confirm you will not be invited for any opportunity.

How will you get paid?

Most of the companies pay by PayPal, check or Amazon Gift cards.

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