Get Paid to Test Products

Get Paid to Test Products

Make Money with Product Testing: Some of the online paid survey sites also do product testing. If you choose to sign up for product testing you will be sent invitations by email to participate in product evaluations. The invitation will explain the details of the evaluation – the type of product, the estimated time involved, beginning and ending dates, and the payment.
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You would be shipped a product, at the research site’s expense, and are expected to use the product in your home for a specified time. At the end of that time you report your results at the research website.

An average time frame for a product evaluation is one to two weeks, depending on the product involved and information required. The payment for an evaluation may be the product that you tested or some combination of the product and cash or gift certificates.

Here’s a firsthand report from a product tester:

“I received an email from a site I had signed up, asking if I would be interested in product testing jobs a new type of kitchen plastic ware. They requested that I reply to the email and confirm my address and profile. They would cover all shipping and handling expenses. I accepted the offer and received the product a little over a week later.

I received kitchenware made of a heavy, clear type of plastic. We were to use them as we would any of our other dishes, drink ware, etc. The new design of the product was supposed to eliminate odors that plastics tend to retain when used. They worked great. Even the water bottle that we left tea or juice in all day did not hold any odors.

After the testing period I completed an online questionnaire sent to me on a specific day. They requested that I be honest about any changes I would like to see in the product. The same company also held discussion groups for their product testing, but ours was not one of them. If you are in one of those discussion group’s you are paid an average of $20-$100 for your time similar to a Focus Group. In this case, I was able to keep our product as compensation.”

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