Paid Focus Groups

Make Money with Paid Focus Groups

“Focus Group” is a group of individuals selected and assembled by researchers to discuss and comment on, from personal experience, the topic that is the subject of the research. Just like surveys, you will share your opinions; however in a focus group you will also be able to discuss them with others. Some paid focus groups are held online or via telephone, although most require your presence at a specific location.

Some market research sites also offer paid focus groups. As you are registering with the internet paid survey sites, you may be given the option of applying for a focus group.

The registration process and eligibility requirements will vary with each company. Instead of the quick 5 to 20 min completion time for online surveys, focus groups can last several hours.

They are designed to gather more detailed opinions and attitudes toward the subject or product. The good news for you is that they pay very well! Payment for a typical two hour, in-person focus group can range from $50 to $250, with the average around $100. That is the equivalent of $25 to $125 an hour for two hours of easy work, and it is fun!

Why aren’t focus groups as popular as online paid surveys then?

First, you will probably not be able to find as many to participate in as you will online surveys, because you have to live near a particular location where the study is being conducted. If you live in a major U.S. city your odds are pretty good of finding one or more companies that offer focus groups in your area. If you can locate a few that offer phone or chat room participation that is even better. Secondly there is a group of people involved, so you will have to attend at a specific scheduled time.

If you are still not sure exactly how a focus group works or whether you’d like to try one, maybe this will help. The following is a first-hand account from a recent participant about his experience with a focus group.

One evening I was called by the research company and invited to participate. I spent about ten minutes on the phone with them answering questions to determine whether I fit the profile of people they were looking for.

The topic for this focus group was home electronics that helped the elderly. I qualified to participate because my mother is in her 80’s, she lives alone, and I help her make purchasing decisions. The location of the focus group was about 25 minutes away. They had several times I could choose from and so we set an appointment.

A few days later I showed up at the scheduled time. They served snacks, and I met about 10 others that would be in the group. For the next two hours a facilitator led the group through discussions regarding our opinions and what we thought our parents would think of different aspects of the product. We discussed the packaging, the price, the image of the product, ease of use, etc.

It was very interesting and enjoyable. The whole discussion was taped so that our opinions and input could be reviewed later. We also filled out a couple of questionnaires. On my way out the door they handed me a check for $60.” Click here to join best paid survey sites and make money online.

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