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Paid Surveys Canada

Survey companies are just growing like wild fire these days and you will find some genuine and others not worth a penny. So it is increasingly hard to pick the genuine sites from the fakes. So I will just try to discuss the ins and outs in an attempt to sort out the facts from the myths with simple questions and supply you with the truthful answers for the same.

Are these paid surveys for real? And why would anyone pay me to simply give my opinion?

Truth: Yes they are real. Well, for the most part, there are so many online survey companies out there and some require you to have a paid membership and you must watch out for these because some may take your money and just disappear.

However, the good news is that many of these companies are very much legitimate and are basically trying to get an honest consumer opinion for the companies who would like to get a feel of the market for their products and are willing to pay you for you efforts.

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Will I be cheated or spammed?

Truth: Like ALL business dealings online, you must keep your guard up. Survey sites will not demand your personal details like your SS number, and credit card number they ask for your preferences only to determine your personality for taking certain paid online surveys. They will also refrain from endorsing any product or scheme. So if they are using your email to send special offers then the company is definitely a scam.

If you are getting fantastic prizes and offers for just signing up then I would be a bit hesitant to sign up with such people. Read the terms of the site as well as the privacy policy, a legitimate site will not sell your address or send you unsolicited mail.

Should I pay for a database of survey sites, a survey guide or a survey membership?

Truth: My answer would be a flat NO. You will be able to find these sites yourself using a search engine but – do you have the time? Do you even know where to start looking or what to search for. So for your help we have done all the research and cut down all the guess work. We have researched, compiled and listed top paying Canadian paid surveys here. You just need to act and join. In our opinion you will save a lot of time and effort.

Will I become a millionaire taking these market research paid surveys?
No. Definitely not. You will not be rich taking paid online surveys. But you can definitely earn $300+ extra each month!

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