Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Jobs for 15 Year Olds

If you are a teenager and are 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old then you can join survey panels that are looking for teens. There are a number of survey panels that allow teenagers to join. Online paid surveys are a great source of jobs for 15 year olds and teenagers. For example, mysurvey, global test market, surveyspot, ipsos isay and opinion outpost are looking for teen members. Teenager’s opinion is also important and it is the teenagers who can tell companies what they like about the products and services targeted towards teens.

Here are the top 3 survey panels that allow teens to join. We recommend to join all the 5 survey panels and get paid for sharing your opinions. If you join all the 5 survey panels you can easily make 100-200 dollars extra each month. 100-200$ extra is a nice pocket money for teens. Isn’t it? So join the below survey panel and don’t forget to confirm your email id else you will not receive survey invitations.

  1. Babysitting Jobs (US only): Register for Free and find the best babysitting jobs in your area.
  2. My Survey Panel (USA only): Click here to join Mysurvey panel and get paid for your opinions.
  3. Global Test Market (USA only): Join Global Test Market survey panel and make extra money taking surveys.
  4. Surveyspot Panel(USA only): Join Surveyspot survey panel and earn PayPal money for taking surveys.

Remember to earn money online you have to act. Click here for more jobs for teenagers. So take action, join above survey panels, confirm your email id and start taking online paid surveys. If you are not from US, then you can check UK, Canada and Australia page for survey panels that allow teenagers to join.

Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

Are you a college students and looking for online jobs? In this post we evaluate and share some online jobs that are free and legitimate. There are plenty of scams around online jobs. So stay away from them. Getting a few hundred extra dollars doing online jobs is not bad. All you need to do is find and join some legitimate sites that provide online jobs for college students. If you are a teen then check our page: online jobs for teenagers.

How to find if an online job for college students is scam or legitimate?

If the site is asking for money to join or provide training then this is definitely scam. All the legitimate online jobs site do not ask for money, instead they pay you.

How much I can earn doing online jobs for college students?

Do not expect to get super rich. But you can definitely earn a few hundred dollars extra per month if you are from US, UK, Canada or Australia.

What are the some legit online jobs for college students?

Some of the online jobs that college students can take are:

  1. Article Writing
  2. Paid Surveys (easy and free)
  3. Computer Programming Jobs, if you are a computer science student
  4. Online Tutoring Jobs
  5. Freelancing

Where to start?

I would suggest students to join some survey panels first because these are free and easy to start.

What are the best paid survey sites for students?

I would suggest to check the below pages based on your country:

What is DOI?

DOI stands for double opt in. Most of the survey panels are DOI, that means you have to click on the confirmation link sent to your email after registration. If you don’t confirm you will not be invited for any opportunity.

How will you get paid?

Most of the companies pay by PayPal, check or Amazon Gift cards.

Online Jobs for Teenagers

Online Jobs for Teenagers

If you are a teenager and looking for online or part time jobs then continue reading. Here we will share with you free online jobs for teenagers. For teenagers there are certain restrictions on the jobs that they can do. The number of work hours per week for teens is also limited. Click here to join top paid survey panels for US teenagers.

Click here to join top teen survey panels for Canada | Click here to join free teen survey panels for UK

However, with the intent of Internet it has been easier for teenagers to do online jobs. There are a number of companies that look for people who can work for them part time. In this case everyone is in a win win situations. Some of the jobs for teens are listed below:

  • Local Jobs – look for part time jobs in your area and apply for them.
  • Tutoring Jobs – you can also provide tuition to other students and make some extra money online. This is a great way to earn and learn.
  • Online Survey Jobs – are also a great way to earn a little extra cash online. There are several companies looking for teens opinions. Join some of them, participate in surveys and earn extra money online. There are a few survey panels that are specific to teenagers/students. You can join them and get paid to take surveys online.
  • Make Money Blogging – There are a number of teens that are making good amount of money by blogging. Making money with a blog or website requires considerable amount of time and effort. Also it is not free and you have to spend some money to start with. If you would like to go this way then contact us and we will help you to start your own blog/website. Create a website and make money online.

Please check back again and we will share some more details. Good luck! Click here for online jobs for students.

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Get Paid to Test Products

Get Paid to Test Products

Make Money with Product Testing: Some of the online paid survey sites also do product testing. If you choose to sign up for product testing you will be sent invitations by email to participate in product evaluations. The invitation will explain the details of the evaluation – the type of product, the estimated time involved, beginning and ending dates, and the payment.
Click here to join top 3 product testing companies and get paid to test products.

You would be shipped a product, at the research site’s expense, and are expected to use the product in your home for a specified time. At the end of that time you report your results at the research website.

An average time frame for a product evaluation is one to two weeks, depending on the product involved and information required. The payment for an evaluation may be the product that you tested or some combination of the product and cash or gift certificates.

Here’s a firsthand report from a product tester:

“I received an email from a site I had signed up, asking if I would be interested in paid product testing a new type of kitchen plastic ware. They requested that I reply to the email and confirm my address and profile. They would cover all shipping and handling expenses. I accepted the offer and received the product a little over a week later.

I received kitchenware made of a heavy, clear type of plastic. We were to use them as we would any of our other dishes, drink ware, etc. The new design of the product was supposed to eliminate odors that plastics tend to retain when used. They worked great. Even the water bottle that we left tea or juice in all day did not hold any odors.

After the testing period I completed an online questionnaire sent to me on a specific day. They requested that I be honest about any changes I would like to see in the product. The same company also held discussion groups for their product testing, but ours was not one of them. If you are in one of those discussion group’s you are paid an average of $20-$100 for your time similar to a Focus Group. In this case, I was able to keep our product as compensation.”

If paid product testing interests you then we will recommend the below top 3 paid product testing companies. Join these 3 product testing companies and get paid to test products.

  • Toluna: Toluna periodically offers product testing opportunities to its members. Usually you test a product, keep it and get paid to tell your experience about the product in the form of a survey. Join Toluna and get paid to test products.
  • Take Surveys for Money
  • Online Surveys for Money

Legitimate Paid Surveys

Legitimate Paid Surveys

If you have ever did a Google search on “how to make money online” you probably have come across paid surveys. Paid surveys are one of the several ways that you can use to make money online. However, before you read any further let me make it clear that paid surveys are not going to make you a lot of money. But it is definitely the best free way to make money online.

If you have done some research on paid surveys then you probably know that all the survey panels are not legitimate. So in this post we will help you to find legitimate paid surveys. Here are a few points that you must keep before joining a survey panel.

  • Never pay to join a survey site.
  • Read the privacy policy of the survey panel before you register.
  • Uncheck the check box that mention that we will send more third party offers to avoid spam.
  • Carefully read each steps before you join and provide your details.
  • If the site asks for your credit card and SS number then it is definitely scam.

If you keep the above points in mind it will definitely help you to avoid scam paid surveys. We have gone through a lot of survey panels, and joined them to find out if they are legit or not. Pinecone survey panel is one of the most legitimate paid surveys but it is hard to join. They are very selective to recruit new respondents. We will post the sign up link here once we get a live link. Here are some more legitimate paid surveys:

  • MySurvey Panel
  • Global Test Market
  • Ipsos Survey Panel
  • Myview Survey Panel
  • Pinecone Research

Apart from these there are some other legitimate paid surveys that are invitation only. If you are interested to join them contact us and we will invite you to join them.

Can You Get Paid to Take Surveys?

Can You Get Paid to Take Surveys?

Some of our recent visitors have asked “Can You Get Paid to Take Surveys?”. To answer this question we carried out a research about online paid surveys and found that the answer is “YES”. Before you get excited let us frankly tell you that the payout is not as good as you might have expected. These market research companies pay very less to participate in online paid surveys. Actually the rewards and incentives offered by the survey panels are nothing but a way to saying thank you to their members.

Participating in online paid surveys is fun and rewarding. You get to know about different upcoming products and services and tell the companies whether you will like their new products, and services. You can also tell whether the upcoming products and services are rightly priced or over priced. Overall it is fun and interesting to participate in online paid surveys.

But before you join any survey panel you need to know the difference between a survey panel and a survey site. There are many survey sites that are nothing but scam, charge a fee to provide a list of survey panels and spam you. You should avoid to join these survey sites and instead directly join the actual market research companies.

There are many market research companies that frequently look out for new members. If you are looking to earn $200-300 extra a month then you might need to join around 10 survey panels and participate in their surveys. Once you join the market research panels they will send email invitations to surveys that match your demographics, profile and interest. Once you get the survey invitation, you must try to participate in the surveys as soon as possible. This will reduce your chance of disqualifying as each survey is open for a limited number of respondents.

So go and join our list of best paid survey sites to start with, participate, have fun and get rewarded for your opinions. The important thing is you must take action. Instead thinking too much just join some free survey panels, give them a go and get paid to take surveys.

Are Online Surveys for Money Legit or Scam?

Are Online Surveys for Cash Legit or Scam?

If you are looking for online surveys for money and thinking whether it is legit or scam then read on. We did our own research to find out whether online surveys for money legit or scam and will share our findings in this post. The truth is online surveys are legit but there is too much scam surrounding these surveys. There are a lot of companies that have mushroomed and offering online surveys for cash and charge the consumers.

It is true that you can make money taking surveys. Online surveys for money are best suited for stay at home moms, students or people who are looking for some extra cash. You can not leave your job for surveys. Do you have kids and other family responsibilities? Maybe you want to work but being a stay-at-home mom means that it may not be possible to devote the time and energy for a regular job because of family responsibilities.

This is just what can be remedied if you start filling online surveys for cash. Not only are you your own boss, as in you can take paid surveys as per your own convenience you don’t need to leave home, all you need is to have access to a computer with an internet connection and all the surveys will reach your inbox.

You can easily make $200-300 each month by participating in paid surveys. The companies pay for your time and honest opinions. Sounds good? Well, it is, in fact paid online surveys are the best way to make an honest income on the internet. If you are willing to take more surveys, just start to pile up the dollars. I would say it is a decent enough income even if it is not going to fill in for a regular job, online surveys will give you cash that will complement your regular income.

Also there is no hard work and toil for this money, all that is required is your honest opinion and some time to fill in the survey and once that is done, the survey company automatically makes the pay out. In fact many survey companies have lucrative schemes and even invite their members for a monthly sweepstakes where you are eligible for a month’s pay if you win them. Our advice is join, start taking online surveys for money and provide your honest opinions to market research companies.

What are the Best Paid Survey Sites that Actually Pay?

Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay: 2014

We mentioned in earlier posts that paid surveys are a great way to make some extra cash online. But the real question is how to find the best paid survey sites? To answer this question we did our own research in order to find legitimate and paying survey sites that actually pay. Frankly speaking there are so much scam related to paid surveys and some of them are even promoting it like online survey jobs, but this is not a job. Paid surveys are only meant to get honest opinions of consumers about the products and services they use and buy.

While researching for best paid surveys we also found that the rewards are actually not what you may have thought. These survey companies pay less than the minimum wages. You can get paid $2-$10 for most of the surveys. However, there are also specific paid surveys that are also pay up to $20-$40 such as health related surveys or IT&business surveys.

So here is our list of top paying survey sites for US people. Not from US? Please check our best paid survey sites for UK, Canada or Australia page for top paying surveys.

  • Surveyspot: Register with Surveypot survey panel and make money taking surveys. Join surveyspot panel and get paid by PayPal for participating in online surveys. (US only)
  • Ipsos I-say Survey Panel. Ipsos I-say is one of leading market research panel. Register with Ipsos, participate in online surveys and get great rewards. Ipsoa I-say panel pays by PayPal. (US only)
  • Global Test Market: Global Test Market is another best paying survey site. They pay in points and you will get usually 50-75 points for each survey you complete. Click here to join Global Test Market and make money online For every 20 points you will get $1. The minimum payout is $50 so you need to accumulate a minimum of 1000 points before you can cash out. Global Test Market is available worldwide and pay in your local currency. But if you are not from English speaking countries then the survey frequency will be very less.
  • Pinecone: They pay $3 for every survey you complete. Pinecone always pay on time and pays by PayPal. The best thing about Pinecone is that you are only invited to surveys for which you are pre qualified. So you will not waste your time with Pinecone and will definitely earn $3 for every survey you complete for them.

So if you join legitimate survey panels like Pinecone then you can really make money taking surveys.

If you are not from US then you can check below the best survey sites that pay in UK, Canada and Australia:

Best Survey Sites for UK, Best Online Survey Sites for Canada, Best Paying Survey Sites for Australia

Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs: Scam or Legit?

Recently a lot of companies have started promoting market research surveys as online survey jobs. But the truth is that online surveys are a mean to share opinions and get consumers feedback about the products and services they use. Frankly speaking online paid surveys are not jobs and nobody should do them like that.

Now coming to the point whether it is possible to make some extra cash taking paid surveys or not? I would say if you are looking to earn some extra cash each month ($200-300) then you should join some legitimate survey panels, share your honest opinions in surveys that you participate and get paid for it. However, if you are looking it as “online survey jobs” then probably it is not for you.

We highly suggest to stay away from companies that promote these kind of online survey jobs and charge money (some ask for $49) to provide a list of survey panels. Why the hell anyone needs to pay for these survey list? These are available free all over the net. All the legitimate market research companies are free to join and they never ask for money to be paid or your credit card details. So just stay away from these companies and don’t get scammed!

Paid surveys are a great way to make easy money online so do join some survey panels, answer surveys and get paid for sharing your honest opinions.

So what are the best surveys that one should join? We will share a list of free and legitimate survey panels in the next post so that you can join free and take surveys for money. Until then bye and be happy.

Can you really make money taking surveys?

Can you really make money taking surveys?

Recently I have received a lot of questions from my visitors asking “Can you really make money taking surveys?”. After looking at the pros and cons of paid surveys and the time it takes to answer, we concluded that yes it is possible to make money taking paid surveys but you will not become rich. How much money one can make from online surveys depends on how much time and effort one puts. Let’s make it clear that it is really not a free money. You have to answer questions and share your opinions about the products and services that you use. In turn companies pay you for your time and opinions.

If you really want to make money taking paid surveys then you must follow certain things. Some of them are:

  • Take Action: A lot of people think to earn money but don’t take any action. So if you want to earn some extra cash you have to take action and join survey panels.
  • Be Honest: The market research companies are looking for honest opinions. So be honest and tell exactly what you think about a particular product or service.
  • Participate Timely:Try to complete the surveys as soon as possible because each survey is only open for a limited number of response. So if you respond late you have more chances of disqualifying and hence will not be able to complete the survey.

So you might be wondering now what are the some legitimate survey panels that actually pay? There are many survey panels that pay cash to participate in online surveys. We will discuss about some legitimate and free survey panels in the next post and their pros and cons. Till then bye.

So take action, join, participate and make money taking surveys because it is possible. Join some free survey panels and get paid to take surveys online.